Velkynvelve is owned by the drow. Following the capture for potential slaves and sacrifices to Lolth, prisoners are interred here until transport to Menzoberranzan arrive.

The outpost was run by Mistress Ilvara Mizzrym, but now that she has been killed, who’s to say who runs this meager drow outpost?

Noteworthy Characters

Ilvara Asha Shoor Jorlan Himmick


1489 DR

9th day of Nightal

Nashua, Nitsuj, and Eldeth are ambushed by drow as they explore the Underdark, searching for a mysterious library in the fledgling wizard’s dreams. They are incarcerated in Velkynvelve.

13th day of Nightal

Wolfe is ambushed by drow as he spies on Rin and Mama Cray in the Silver Marches. He is incarcerated in Velkynvelve.

17th day of Nightal

Everyone is incarcerated in Velkynvelve. After a failed jailbreak attempt, Eldeth is executed by Ilvara Mizzrym as an example to the others. The party agrees to deliver her shield and warhammer to Gauntlgrym.

20th day of Nightal

Escaped from Velkynvelve during a demon attack, with heavy losses.


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