Resting on the junction of the Long Road and Evermoor Way, due west of Yartar (their traditional rivals), this large community of 2500 farmers and villagers Triboar has enjoyed relative prosperity over the years. Over the centuries, this town has served as the staging grounds for armies allied against orcs and other dangers.

Triboar originally got its name from a traveler who killed three boars in the same day, and the flag of its lord protector reflects this. The lord protector is democratically elected, and it is her job to command the local militia and to settle disputes among the townsfolk. This system of government is referred to as the “Lord’s Decree.”

The town’s primary defense is “The Twelve,” a mounted patrol that rotates on a tenday cycle. If worse comes to worst, the town can assemble a militia of fifty rapidly, and a force of three hundred within the day.

Gwaeron’s Slumber

A grove of trees on the west side of town is said to be a forest favored by Gwaeron Windstrom. Worshippers of he and Mielikki. Rangers and other worshipers will sleep among the trees and pray for visions from their deity. Many are said to receive prophecies of what their god wishes them to do. It is illegal in Triboar to cut down any trees in Gwaeron’s Slumber, lest you anger the gods.




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