Sloobludop is a kuo-toa settlement on the northern edge of the Darklake, revering Blibdoolpoolp, the Sea Mother. They rarely entertain outsiders, especially because the kuo-toa are insane, and very difficult to get along with. On the upside, there is no society better at navigating the Darklake than these mad fish people.

Recent Events

The kuo-toa village was split by the worshipers of the Sea Mother, and the Deep Father. It was Ploopploopeen’s daughter who turned on him, and introduced Liimooggoogoon to the village, a new vile god. Teh village was in civil war when Walian Wolfe, Corinne, Nashua Goldvayne, Nitsuj, and the rest of the Velkynvelve escapees were captured and brought there for sacrifice.

The sacrifice was a ruse, but Bloppblippodd wasn’t killed before Liimooggoogoon heard her prayers. In reality, Liimooggoogoon was Demogorgon, and he killed many of the kuo-toa, nearly wiping Sloobludop off the map.

Noteworthy People

Ploop Blop Shuushar Sloop


1489 DR

29th of Nightal

Escaped slaves from Velkynvelve had their arms twisted to help in a civil war between the kuo-toa. In response, Demogorgon destroys Sloobludop. The ex-slaves barely escapes with their lives, and have difficulty coping with their harrowing experience.


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