The Ordening

Hgraam is a giant of his word. As such, he cannot leave Gracklstugh due to his ancestor’s promise to the Steelshadow clan. But, if a higher calling were to come, such as his people, the stone giants, moving up to the head of the Ordening and he at their head, his devotion to all of giantkind would outweigh his devotion to Steelshadow. He has made a plea to the party, for them to find a way to move stone giants up to the top of the Ordening, and place him at their head. This would forever indebt all stone giants to them.

  • Hgraam gave Wolfe, Kaz, and Nashua giant runes: Orbs of the Stein Rune, as well as Rihuud, his apprentice, to guide them to the dream world. (the surface of Faerun)

The Thane of Madness

One of Stonebones’ most favored has lost his way. The thane believes that it is Stonebones speaking to him, giving him wisdom, when it is actually an evil entity giving the thane folly. This thane’s actions could destroy any chance of the stone giants ascending to the top of the Ordening, even though he believes he is doing right. The party must stop the thane’s madness, or put an end to his clan.

Eldeth’s Memory

Before being executed by the drow, Eldeth had the party agree to retrieve her hammer and shield, family heirlooms both, and return them to Gauntlgrym.

Avenging Moira’s Sister

Moira’s sister is burning within a house that doesn’t burn, and will for eternity unless someone stops this. The cultist who did this is the duke of Port Llast, and needs a stern talking to.


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