Neverwinter, also known as the City of Skilled Hands and The Jewel of the North, gets its name from the unnatural effects of the Neverwinter River. Though the city is far north in very cold lands, it has a relatively warm climate due to the fires of the nearby volcano, Mount Hotenow, warming the waters.

The city has gotten the reputation of being the most cosmopolitan of the North’s cities. This is an accomplishment in itself, given the number of reputable cities, including Waterdeep.

In 1451 DR, the primordial Maegera was awakened within Gauntlgrym, and it a fit of rage so great, it caused Mount Hotenow to erupt. The results were catastrophic, as Neverwinter was nearly leveled by the earthquakes. A rift into the Underdark was opened within the city, a rift that stood open until only recently.

Recently, Lord Neverember arrived in Neverwinter with a host of mercenaries and appointed himself the town’s Lord and Protector. With his help, the town has been put onto the road of recovery, rebuilding itself from the ashes left in the wake of the eruption.




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