The City of Sails sits at the icy mouth of the River Mirabar. The city is ruled by Ships, each one being a gang akin to pirates, and each of the five ships have different responsibilities to the defense and administration of the city. These gangs are led by their High Captain, and each of these Ships make friends, and make war with one another. The culture of the city is ingrained in the notion of the Ships. To attack a Ship member is to attack the entire city itself. You have been warned.

Between all of them, the Ships have a navy not to be trifled with. Neverwinter is their chief rival, even after its destruction, and currently the Ships are vying for control of Port Llast. Lord Neverember has sworn that no Luskar authority will ever rule Port Llast because Neverwinter would never survive with an enemy navy docked so close to the city.

The Hosttower of the Arcane, once a ruin, has regrown brick by brick off of the coast of Luskan. With this, the Arcane Brotherhood has returned and restored order to the city. This powerful group of mages has said that they will not get involved in the politics of the city, nor interfere with the Ships, but who truly believes such words from a brotherhood of powerful mages? They can often be seen roaming the streets in cloaks dyed the color of their archmage or overwizard.




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