Halls of Sacred Scrolls


Carved into a thick stalagmite connecting the floor of Gracklstugh’s cavern to the ceiling, the Halls of Scared Scrolls was once a holy temple to Diirinka, the derro god of knowledge, savants, magic, and cruelty. It also served as the living quarters of the Council of Savants, the governing body of the derro.

Following the dissolution of the Council of Savants, Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V gifted the abandoned temple to Walian Wolfe, Kazramir, Nashua Goldvayne, and Nitsuj. Since they wanted to leave Gracklstugh and get to the surface, the group left the Halls of Sacred Scrolls in the capable hands of their ally, Jimjar.



Noteworthy Characters



1490 DR

22nd of Hammer

Kazramir, Nashua Goldvayne, and Walian Wolfe throw a party for the derro savants on Y’s authority, as slave entertainers. During this Nitsuj and Jimjar infiltrate Narrak’s quarters and discover the names of every Demogorgon cultist.

25th of Hammer

After stopping Shal, and curing Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V of his madness, the group is gifted the Halls of Sacred Scrolls. They leave Jimjar in charge.

Halls of Sacred Scrolls

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