Once ranking as one of the Delzoun Empire’s greatest cities, Gauntlgrym is carved out of a great cavern in the Underdark that is the size of many cities. Gold, silver, and mithril poured out of the ancient city, items of legendary craftsmanship with the essence of the primordial that powered its forges: Maegera.

But the mighty have a tendency to fall.

When the great orc hordes of the North swarmed over the Sword Coast, pillaging and destroying everything in their path, the empire of Delzoun fought them off but at a great cost. The orcs had seized control of the once mighty Gauntlgrym, and for centuries the dwarves could not regain control as the drow, illithids, aboleths and other horrors fought to control the city, and the primordial trapped within.

It wasn’t until the dwarf hero Bruenor Battlehammer led a force to take it back, did the city get retaken. Now he rules from its great halls, forging ahead, rebuilding and reclaiming what is left of his city.

Noteworthy People

King Bruenor Eldeth Maegera


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