Sword Coast Factions


Excepts from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

The Harpers

Founded more than a millennium ago, disbanded and reorganized several times, the Harpers remain a powerful, behind-the-scenes agency, which acts to thwart evil and promote fairness through knowledge, rather than brute force. Harper agents are adept at snooping and spying. They often seek aid from other Harpers, sympathetic bards and innkeepers, rangers, and the clergy of gods that are aligned with the Harpers’ ideals.

The Order of the Gauntlet

One of the newest power groups in Faerun, the Order of the Gauntlet has an agenda similar to the Harpers. Its methods are vastly different, however: bearers of the gauntlet are holy warriors on a righteous quest to crush evil and promote justice, and they never hide in the shadows. Order agents frequently seek aid from law enforcement friendly to the order’s ideals, and the clergy of the order’s patron gods.

The Emerald Enclave

Maintaining balance in the natural order and combating the forces that threaten that balance is the twofold goal of the Emerald Enclave. Those who serve the faction are masters of survival and living off the land. The often can seek assistance from woodsmen, hunters, rangers, barbarian tribes, druid circles, and priests who revere the gods of nature.

The Lords’ Alliance

One one level, the agents of the Lords’ Alliance are representatives of the cities and other governments that constitute the alliance. But, as a faction with interests and concerns that transcend local politics and geography, the Alliance has its own cadre of individuals who work on behalf of the organizations, wider agenda. Alliance agents are required experts in history, and can always rely on the aid of the governments that are part of the Alliance, plus other leaders and groups who uphold the Alliances’ ideals.

The Zhentarim

In recent years, the Zhentarim have become more visible in the world at large, as the group works to improve its reputation among the common people. The faction draws employees and associates from many walks of life, setting them to tasks that serve the goals of the Black Network but aren’t necessarily criminal in nature. Agents of the Black Network must often work in secret. The seek aid from the wizards, mercenaries, merchants and priesthoods allied with the Zhentarim.

Sword Coast Factions

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