Port Llast


Port Llast is a small settlement of 700 folk with a sordid history of being taken over by pirates, invaded by drow, invaded by sea creatures, and run by cultists. Though these times have passed, some more than others, the current strife is the struggle between Neverwinter and Luskan, both vying for control of the city. Port Llast has allied with Neverwinter for fear of Luskan, as the town is situated as the only point in the coast between the two cities were ships can dock, and Luskan would like to use this place as a staging area for their warships.

The current leader of the town is Duke Aral Barlow. The public secret is that Duke Barlow is a cultist, but due to fear of his unknown patron or the extent of his power, nobody stands up to him. Those who have stood up to him have mysteriously vanished. On the upside, the duke affords Port Llast a degree of protection.



Noteworthy Characters

Duke Barlow Evangeline

Recent Events

On the 28th of Alturiak, Wolfe, Nashua, Kaz and the team found Port Llast under seige by marauding frost giants. They killed one, snuck aboard their longship, looted it, and lit it up in a fiery explosion. This forced the giants to flee.

Port Llast

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