Gracklstugh Factions


Clan Cairngorm

The stone giants in Gracklstugh lead quiet lives of art and contemplation. Although reclusive and averse to conflict, an ancient oath of loyalty to the Deepking keeps them serving the Steelshadow clan. If the throne passes to another dynasty, the stone giants will cease to be the city’s allies.

Notable Members

Stonespeaker Hgraam

Council of Savants

The savants are derro blessed with sorcerous power. These natural spell casters are looked upon as leaders in the derro society, and the top thirty-six savants are a governing body within Gracklstugh. They scheme against the gray dwarves, and secretly live a luxurious life, in contrast to the squalor of their brethren.

Notable Members


Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V

Having ascended to the throne in 1372 DR, nobody has come close to dethroning the Deepking. He keeps the entire city, factions, and clans guessing at what he is doing by conducting secret meetings with each and every one of them, making the Deepking untouchable in his unpredictability.

Empty-Scabbard Killers

A group so secretive that nobody believes they exist. These killers have been plying their trade for centuries, their methods inscrutable. Psionically gifted, they know disciplines that escape even the savviest derro or the wisest priest.

Gracklstugh Military

Gracklstugh’s military is ever-present military trains specialized warriors whose oaths to their clans become mere shadows to their oaths of service. From what has been seen, the military is composed of the stone guard, veteran warriors who serve as the Deepking’s bodyguards and secret police, an the kavalrachni. viscious mounted warriors on giant tarantulas known as steeders.

Gray Ghosts

The only true thieve’s guild in the Deepkingdom, the Gray Ghosts are comprised of outcast duergar, derro, and a handful of escaped slaves. In the not so distant past, the Keepers of the Flame captured and executed the leader of the Gray Ghosts, who stole the red dragon egg containing Themberchaud‘s replacement. To the previous leader’s credit, he never told them where the egg was hidden.

Notable Members


Keepers of the Flame

This order of psionic clerics tends to Themberchaud‘s needs, enjoying great influence and helping Horgar Steelshadow V stay ahead of the machinations of the Council of Savants. They have an ongoing vendetta with the Gray Ghosts, who stole Themberchaud’s replacement.

Notable Members

Gartokkar Xundorn

Merchant Council

The lairds and merchants in this council ensure that commerce flows, and trade routes are kept clear. As of late, the Underdark is proving too hostile for them to keep such routes clear. However, the council does often make contracts with outsiders they feel can help them protect their caravans. With the routes so blocked, and as such, exports at a standstill, they would more than likely be looking for mercenaries to help get a caravan or two to other settlements.

Notable Members


Themberchaud the Wyrmsmith

Themberchaud keeps the flames of the forges in Gracklstugh lit, helping the City of Blades create the weapons they are known for. In exchange, the dragon enjoys the trappings of treasure, free meals, and pampering beyond compare. As of late, however, he has begun getting suspicious of the Keepers of the Flame who continually “speak on his behalf”. Why should he be content with such paltry offerings when he could bend the entire city to his every whim?

Gracklstugh Factions

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