Adventure Timeline


1489 DR

9th day of Nightal

Nashua, Nitsuj, and Eldeth are ambushed by drow as they explore the Underdark, searching for a mysterious library in the fledgling wizard’s dreams. They are incarcerated in Velkynvelve.

13th day of Nightal

Wolfe is ambushed by drow as he spies on Rin and Mama Cray in the Silver Marches. He is incarcerated in Velkynvelve.

17th day of Nightal

Everyone is incarcerated in Velkynvelve. After a failed jailbreak attempt, Eldeth is executed by Ilvara Mizzrym as an example to the others. The party agrees to deliver her shield and warhammer to Gauntlgrym.

20th day of Nightal

Escaped from Velkynvelve with heavy losses.

29th of Nightal

Demogorgon destroys Sloobludop. The party barely escapes with their lives.

1490 DR

17th of Hammer

Arrival in Gracklstugh.

23rd of Hammer

Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V orders the annihilation of every derro in the East Cleft and West Cleft districts of Gracklstugh.

25th of Hammer

The party reveals Shal, the Deepking of Gracklstugh‘s consort, is a fiendish agent of Graz’zt, and saves him from his madness. The Deepking, and Clan Cairngorm, is indebted to the party. The party sides with Hgraam, agreeing to help the stone giants reach the top of the Ordening, and to place Hgraam at the top of the stone giants.

4th of Alturiak

Derendil is discovered to have been insane all along, and not really an elf. The party decides to keep his usefulness by playing along with his delusion.

6th of Alturiak

The party found Neverlight Grove, and were awed by its beauty… and frightened by the underpinnings of demonic influence in the fungal wonderland.

15th of Alturiak

The party reaches the surface after a harrowing chase and defeat of Ilvara and her drow goons. Those who survived were Wolfe, Nashua, Kazramir and with them Amber, Siva, Moira, Quillathe, and Rihuud who lost a hand.

29th of Alturiak

The party reached Port Llast, and found it under siege by frost giant raiders. They slew one giant, and burned their longboat. With their path of retreat cut off, the frost giants retreated into the hills.

Adventure Timeline

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