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  • Topsy & Turvy

    After the umberhulk ambush, Topsy and Turvy shared water they had found and saved with [[:buppido | Buppido]], and [[:stool | Stool]]. The humans had forsaken them the night before, allowing them to starve and be without water. Before falling asleep, …

  • Jimjar

    Jimjar was crucial in the group's first escape attempt. After a bet with [[:nashua | Nashua]] over whether or not he could steal a jail key, Jimjar succeeded after pushing a drow into the spider webs beneath [[Velkynvelve | Velkynvelve]], and using that …

  • Ariana

    Ariana was unable to find her contact, and thus fearing for her life, sold her gems to [[:nashua | Nashua]] before disappearing from Gracklstugh.

  • Kazook Pickshine

    [[:werz_saltbaron | Werz Saltbaron]] asked [[:wolfe | Wolfe]] and [[:nitsuj | Nitsuj]] to transport some gems to Blingdenstone, and hand them to Kazook Pickshine. [[:wolfe | Wolfe]] refused, on matter of payment upfront.