Tag: myconid


  • Stool

    Stool, seeing a good opportunity for planning, established telepathic communication between everyone in the cell using its rapport spores. It was disgusting, but people digged it. Stool offered sanctuary to anyone willing to return him to Neverlight Grove …

  • Phylo

    Phylo invited the party to the Garden of Welcome. They refused. He acted too much like those they assaulted in the Whorlstone Tunnels.

  • Basidia

    He approached the party when they entered the grove and asked for help. The party had seen enough of demons from Sloobludop to Gracklstugh, and refused. Their best advice was to not investigate, and to run.

  • Loobamub

    Loob encountered the group when the found Neverlight Grove. He was the first to meet them, and helped them to slay a shambling mound that had animated in the garden.