Merchant major in Gracklstugh


A tight-fisted merchant, Ylsa gained her reputation by establishing the safest and most secret routes to the surface world. When other merchants fail in their trade, their caravans hardly making it to other cities in the Underdark, Ylsa thrives. Under her protection, all caravans make it to their intended destinations. For this reason she holds a revered seat on the Merchant Council.


Ylsa was taken in by Hemeth’s good words about the group, and told them she cannot show them how to reach the surface. Right now it is too dangerous, even for her caravans. However, she’s willing to share her maps with them, and provide six steeders, getting them to Blingdenstone or Menzoberranzan, if they discover how derro are coming into possession of surface gems, jewelry, and coinage.

When girls were needed for throwing a party for the Council of Savants, Ylsa sold the group ten slave women. The profits made her happy.


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