Y the Derro

Society of Brilliance Charter member


Y is a brilliant and powerful derro savant who helped found the Society of Brilliance. Feared and respected within the Council of Savants, his wisdom has forced him to stay tight lipped about the council’s indulgences, and focus his energy into studying the faerzress.


Y was studying the faerzress within the Whorlstone Tunnels when he took an interest in the party. He saved them from Aliinka, another savant, who threatened to have them killed if they did not hand over Droki and leave. The party handed Droki over to her anyway.

After leaving the West Cleft District, Y was shown that the group had kidnapped Narrak… or at least they killed him and had his body in a bag and the derro savant was still kicking. He was aghast, even with the news that the savant was in commune with Demogorgon. However, after his good friend and Society of Brilliance member Sloopidoop teleported to him and told him Demogorgon leveled Sloobludop, he enlisted the party to help root out the cultists within the Council of Savants.

Y made a plan with the group to discern who is a cultist within the Council of Savants by throwing a party for them, and have the group act as slaves as Jimjar and Nitsuj snuck into Narrak’s quarters. After it was communicated by Jimjar that they were done, he uncorked a bottle of magical smoke that obscured the room. Not everyone made it out alive, but now the names of the cultists are known.

Y the Derro

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