Walian Wolfe

Fierce bounty hunter from the Sword Coast



Height: 5’11"
Weight: 210 lbs.


Hailing from the former Wasai-Jhebbal nation in the Border Kingdoms, south of the Sword Coast, Wolfe struck out on his own when the empire fell to a coup. After failing get by via his charisma alone – he’d eventually learn to supplement it with violence and shameless opportunism. Preferring to travel by water, he tried a short stint in piracy – eventually meeting other seafarers who brought goods and arms from exotic lands to the North. Having more desire to fight than pillage, he went from pirate to privateer and eventually to all-around bounty hunter as he worked his way up the coast to Neverwinter and Luskan.

While working a retrieval bounty for a wealthy importer/exporter, Salah Tet, Wolfe was pivotal in fending off a counter-attack by the bounty, a vicious pirate Captain by the name of Daskar Vane. Wolfe went above and beyond, going on to commandeer their goods. And confiscating their ship. And taking a bite out of Vane. Out of gratitude, along with the bounty the importer/exporter gifted Wolfe the sword which would become his prized possession.

To this day he never travels without it, and values it above all else.

Walian Wolfe

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