Shoor Vandree

Lieutenant of Velkynvelve


Young and proud, Shoor revels in not only assuming Jorlan’s role in Velkynvelve, but in assuming his role as Ilvara’s lover. He lords this over Jorlan every opportunity he gets. He even openly brags to the other drow males. Still insecure in his position, Shoor is always looking for ways he can please his mistress.


To boast, and to humiliate his old superior, Shoor purposely stationed Jorlan near Ilvara’s room as she and Shoor shared a bed.

Shoor led Ilvara, Jorlan and the rest of their hunting party to Southkrypt, where they found the escaped slaves making a run for it. When Rihuud, a stone giant aiding the fleeing slaves, slew Ilvara’s sister, Shoor cut off the giant’s hand. As the creature pulled away, a loud magical pop deafened him, and while disoriented, was slain.

Shoor Vandree

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