A succubus working for Graz'zt


Shal is a succubus loyal to Graz’zt, and was assigned to keep Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V insane, and under her power. With her guidance, the Deepking led a genocide of the derro within Gracklstugh until the party imprisoned her within an iron flask.


The party discovered that she was a fiend working for Graz’zt, by correspondence between derro savant cultists.

After gaining audience with the Deepking, the group fought Shal and revealed her true nature. They imprisoned her in an iron flask gifted to them by Hgraam.

In Southkrypt, Wolfe released Shal from her magical prison. The succubus was under Wolfe’s control, and ordered to deal with Ilvara. Shal charmed the drow priestess, and watched in amusement as Jorlan stabbed his once lover through the back.


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