Salah Tet

Importer/Exporter of exotic finery and weapons



Salah Tet is an importer/exporter of exotic finery and weapons. He lives a luxurious life in Mintarn, running a shipping lane between the various nations in the Moonshaes, to Baldur’s Gate clear up to Neverwinter. Three years ago, Luskan pirates led by Daskar Vane sank one of his ships and stole his merchandise. Walian Wolfe had just pulled into port to claim a bounty he had chased clear into the northern seas, and this appealed to Salah. Hiring Wolfe was the best decision he had ever made, as the uncouth bounty hunter came back with his entire shipment and the pirate’s ship, which Tet used to replace his own lost vessel. Besides the bounty, Tet gifted Wolfe an intricately detailed silver blade and they have been friends ever since.


Salah Tet

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