Mericious Goldvayne

Nashua's deceased father


Mericious was an adventurer in his younger days, until he met his wife, Berra. It wasn’t that she discouraged him from a dangerous life, but that he decided the challenges of being an adventurer were too dangerous a path to wealth when he had met the woman that he loved and wished to have a family.

They settled in Berra’s home city of Waterdeep. To him, Waterdeep felt small. He learned its ins and out pretty quickly, and learned that he still thirsted for the wealth possible with an adventuring career. Instead, he decided that transporting ore would lead him to the life he believed he and his family deserved. His mercantile enterprise from Mirabar to Waterdeep proved so profitable that he assumed the surname Goldvayne in reference to what they primarily carried.

Years passed, and he and Berra became very wealthy. They had four children: Kitish, Nashua, Germond, and Sol. Nobody could keep up with his father’s enterprise. Nobody had their record of profit and nearly no loss due to monsters or bandits along the Long Road. When asked about why his caravans were so fast and why they hardly encountered danger he would state simply that the Goldvaynes only accepted the best caravan drivers, the best soldiers to guard them, and considered it a sin to arrive late to any appointment.

He and his only son, Nashua, never saw eye to eye. Nashua was much too possessed with the idea of personal power, and arresting power and respect through the magical arts and artifacts he studied on a daily basis. His son was obsessed with this, and never believed in the sweat and toil required to keep a business like the Goldvaynes afloat. He did instill a sense to fight for what you earn, but Nashua still did not express any interest in navigating Waterdeep politics or in the bureaucracy of keeping the transport endeavors afloat.

When, in Waterdeep, many off the noble lords began to go into debt it was Mericious who immediately offered up a king’s ransom to gain a title. For a brief period he was Lord and his wife was Lady, until the titles had been revoked. As his family was among the most powerful of merchants in the city, there was no way to move forward without a noble title, Mericious fought the edict hard, which proved to be his undoing.

After a public forum, on the way home by carriage, he was expressing his anger to his wife. He became so worked up that he was in a seizure, stroking, and Berra yelled to the driver to get to a temple. Her screaming at him and his panic drove the carriage speeding into another, killing Mericious and Berra, as well as the wife and son of a nobleman, Caltarison Ethrim.

Mericious Goldvayne

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