Kitish Goldvayne

Nashua's eldest sister


Kitish is the oldest of the Goldvayne children, and always imagined herself running her father’s business. Tagging along with him, and insisting that she be shown how it works, she became an expert at the books. When her father, Mericious Goldvayne was requested by her to join him on one of the caravan runs, the runs where she could see him work with his suppliers, he would always tell her no. Years of this denial, of teaching her everything but the hands on aspect of the Goldvayne business upset her and gave her a deep feeling of betrayal from him. She never spoke of it, but she became jealous of her father, despising him for not grooming her to her potential.

She was overjoyed when she inherited the business. It was a bittersweet ending to a hard fought right to show how well she could run their holdings between Waterdeep and Mirabar. However, as she soon discovered, it was expensive… much more expensive and difficult than her father had ever made it seem. Now she struggles to find ways to keep the Goldvayne fortune in the black, and only her youngest sister, Sol, is in the know.

Kitish Goldvayne

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