Jorlan Duskryn

Humiliated drow lieutenant


Jorlan is a drow of Menzoberranzan living in the Velkynvelve outpost. Thanks to his skill and his charm, he quickly became the field commander and lover of the outpost commander, Ilvara Mizzrym. However, during a routine patrol, he was attacked by a black pudding, which severely injured him. Ilvara saved his life, but his face was completely disfigured as well as several missing fingers. So Ilvara discarded him and took as a new lover the young Shoor Vandree.

After being discarded, and his command given to Shoor, a virulent hatred for llvara and Shoor slowly grew in him. He knew that the sympathy the priestess Asha Vandree showed him was an attempt to manipulate him, but he was willing to play along for the time being, hoping to draw Asha closer and potentially use her against llvara when the time was right.


Nashua mocked Jorlan, which prompted the man to order other drow to escort them somewhere. This led to a jailbreak from Velkynvelve.

After the group’s failed escape, Jorlan was put in charge of supervising their janitorial duties. Shoor, who assigned him, mocked him and purposely pleased Ilvara nearby just to irritate him. Jorlan only grew more spiteful from this, and Asha preyed upon his emotions by persuading him they should turn on Ilvara. He warned her to watch her tongue.

In a desire to humiliate Shoor and Ilvara as much as they have humiliated him, Jorlan offered to help the group escape Velkynvelve.

In Southkrypt, Jorlan betrayed Ilvara. When the succubus, Shal, charmed his ex-lover he stabbed her in the back with his sword. Wolfe witnessed this, and together they agreed that today’s fight was over. Jorlan descended back into the Underdark with his hate and humiliation.

Jorlan Duskryn

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