Ilvara Mizzrym

Commander of Velkynvelve


The commander of Velkynvelve is an ambitious drow priestess looking to rise in esteem of Lolth and her house. She considers command of a mere outpost a stepping stone in her ascension. The posting is beneath her, and she treats both it and her prisoners with contempt. A member of a drow house with a long history as slavers, Ilvara is a cruel mistress who enjoys taunting and tormenting enemies and underlings alike.


Ilvara called the group cattle, as they occupied a guard tower in Velkynvelve, staging their escape. Summoning Lolth’s power, she called forth a swarm of locusts, flies, and beetles that bit all of the prisoners until they passed out.

Wanting to make an example of what happens to troublemakers, Ilvara threw Eldeth to the giant spiders below the outpost of Velkynvelve, for them to feast on.

Two days into her pursuit, Ilvara along with Shoor, Asha, Jorlan, and a contingent of warriors caught up with the escaped slaves. She ambushed them with a web spell, and lit the group on fire as punishment. This delay cost her, for their screams attracted an umberhulk. Between it and an earthquake that collapsed the passage, the slaves escaped her wrath. Upon their escape, the group heard Ilvara swearing to Lolth that she would find the escapees, and ordering her underlings to find them. The yochlol she begged to help them warned her there were consequences for failure.

Southkrypt was where the seeds of Ilvara’s evil blossomed into her undoing. After Shoor, and guidance from Lolth‘s servants led them to the ancient and abandoned dwarven mine they discovered their slaves making their escape across the broken bridge leading there. They gave chase, slaying an invisible quaggoth slave, Prince Derendil,who attacked them, and chasing them through the mines. At the end of the chase the party had discovered a teleportation circle, and before she could reach them a stone giant ally of theirs, Rihuud, charged into them, slaying all of their warriors. Ilvara’s sister, Elistra, fell and Ilvara found herself face to face with a succubus, Shal, under the command of Wolfe. Ilvara found herself unable to move, charmed by the fiend. It was then that her jilted lover, Jorlan, drove his blade through her back, leaving her bleeding to death on the floor.

Ilvara Mizzrym

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