Himmick Fey-Branche

Elite warrior who stole Wolfe's sword


Himmick has been stationed at Velkynvelve for the last three years as a show of trust. He dislikes being stuck in this outpost, and gains a degree of satisfaction out of collecting prized possessions of those he captures for Menzoberranzan. He often leads small contingents of drow to the surface in order to capture more slaves and sacrifices for Lolth.


During an unlucky turn of events Himmick fell off of a bridge in Velkynvelve and was stuck in the webs below. A prisoner, Walian Wolfe, leapt down to steal back the silvered blade Himmick had stolen off of him when he captured Wolfe.

Himmick needed to reload his weapon when the demons attacked. He ran to the armory only to see the prisoners escaping. He never liked kuo-toa, and he went from the kill strike on Shuushar when suddenly a poisoned crossbow bolt flew was flung through the air by Wolfe. He looked up to see the man who would kill him. He stumbled back, vision going blurry, and passed out unconscious. He never woke up. Nobody ever wakes up when Wolfe has slammed a warhammer into their head, exploding it like a melon.

Himmick Fey-Branche

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