Derro outlaw


Droki can be spotted across Gracklstugh on random tasks. The crazy derro wears a hat woven out of displacer beast tentacles.


Droki wandered into the Whorlstone Tunnels as he had so many times before only to find that his usual route had been messed with. A wall existed there. Magic overtook him, and he fell down laughing, and the illusion was revealed. He was knocked unconscious by the group.

As his kidnappers argued, Droki returned to consciousness and rolled away in a futile attempt to free himself. Wolfe and Nitsuj fired crossbow bolts into his butt to stop him. Droki passed out from the pain.

The group was intent on handing Droki over to the Keepers of the Flame, but as a show of good favor, released him to Aliinka when threatened with death and exile from the West Cleft District.


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