Daskar Vane

Luskan pirate captain


Daskar is a member of the third Ship in Luskan. Quick to temper and slow to reason, Daskar climbed the ranks quickly and became a feared and respected Ship member as he brought power and influence to his Ship by looting merchant vessels in the Sea of Swords and the Trackless Sea.

It was a fateful day when he looted a vessel belonging to Salah Tet. Before Daskar could get the riches and weapons back to Luskan, Wolfe descended on him. The fierce bounty hunter faced he and his crew with only a handful of men, attacking in the first rays of light. Daskar escaped, but not before Wolfe took a bite out of him. This humiliation has stopped him from becoming the leader of his Ship, and has made Wolfe many enemies within Luskan.


Daskar Vane

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