Archpriest of Liimooggoogoon the Deep Father


Daughter of Ploop.

A vision of the Deep Father came to her, and she spoke to her fellow kuo-toa. It wasn't long before she had converted half of Sloopbludop into worshippers of Leemogoogoon, the Deep Father. She realizes now that her father worships an inferior deity.


Blopp accepted the sacrifice of the surface dwellers from her father. She was thrilled that he finally saw her visions. During the ritual, her father’s treachery was revealed, and before any blood could be spilled the surface dwellers were upon her. They beat her, stabbed her, slashed her with their inferior gods’ might. Her father bludgeoned her and burned her within those seconds, and her head was pinned to her grotesque idol of the Deep Father. In her dying breaths she screamed out to Leemogoogoon! and died… giving rise to Demogorgon and the destruction of Sloobludop.


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