Berra Goldvayne

Nashua's deceased mother


Berra met her husband, Mericious, when he arrived in Waterdeep. He had recently braved the ruins beneath Warlock’s Crypt, and only he and one comrade survived. Shaken by the horrors that he beheld, he came across her as he prayed to Ilmater, the god of strength and endurance.

He confessed to her later that he believed that she was a blessing, a sign regarding the end of his trials and tribulations he had been through. Saying this, he retired from the dangers of his adventuring life and devoted his life to her happiness.

She had noticed Mericious getting more and more restless as he worked caravan jobs. He constantly told her that he had connections that could make this line of work so much easier, safer, and profitable. The problem was he didn’t want to let others exploit his methods. It was Berra who convinced him not to hide what he was capable of, and to instead use what little they had to prove he could out perform all of the other merchants in Waterdeep.

The rest of their story is history. Behind every strong man is a strong woman, and Berra was her husband’s. They had four children together, and even achieved the surname of Goldvayne. Their children, in order, are Kitish, Nashua, Germound, and Sol. Having been too young or not born through their parents’ initial struggles to establish the Goldvayne name, each of their children grew up with a sense of entitlement unbecoming of their father, who believed in hard work and deserved rewards to such a level it may have even been his constant lectures that degraded his relationship with his children. If not for Berra’s kindness and motherly attention to her children, they might have left Waterdeep and the family a long time ago.

After they had purchased their title from a floundering lordship, it had been revoked not even a year later. Financially, this was a big hit to the Goldvayne fortune, and Berra had to sell a significant portion of her jewelry to cover some of the losses. Following a heated debate with the lords of Waterdeep, her husband had a stroke in the carriage. Berra was overcome with panic, and shouted to the driver to get him to a temple. The unnerved driver sped the carriage into a lord’s carriage, nearly killing Lord Ethrim, and slaying the man’s wife and son. Bother Berra and Mericious Goldvayne died in the collision.

Berra Goldvayne

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