Asha Vandree

Junior priestess of Lolth under Ilvara


A junior priestess of Lolth under Ilvara’s guidance. She cares for the temple in Velkynvelve.


Asha was overheard by Nitsuj when she was persuading Jorlan to turn on Ilvara and Shoor. She flirts with Jorlan, but he doesn’t appear to be swayed by her traitorous words.

When ambushed by the umberhulk during the second day of pursuing the escaped slaves, Asha found herself fending off Jorlan and Shoor, who were overcome by the madness prone to those facing an umberhulk. It wasn’t long before the madness overcame her as well, and as she ran screaming past it the beast raked her back with its razor claws. Minutes later a tidal rush of water washed her into a tributary of the Darklake.

Asha and the two drow who had followed her after the umberhulk incident were following an underground river when they came across two duergar and their human slave. Asha demanded she have her, because a surface dweller’s sacrifice would help to smooth over her own relations with Lolth after the other had escaped. When the duergar refused, a fight ensued where she and her cohorts killed the duergar and the slave, Corinne, escaped. Giving chase, the group ran after her only to be ambushed by grimlocks, and by the other escaped slaves. Before Asha could utter a single prayer to her dark god, Nitsuj fired a crossbow bolt at her, threading it through her cheeks, knocking her teeth out of the other side of her face. She stumbled to the side, almost into a fissure full of lava, when Nashua pulled her out of the tunnel. Jimjar slit her throat while the greedy wizard stripped her of her clothing.

Asha Vandree

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