Gracklstugh - City of Blades


Gracklstugh is one of the largest duergar cities in the Underdark. It thrives on oppression, from the rampant slavery, to the invisible armed patrols, to the suffocating toxic smog from the forges. The City of Blades got its name from the fine dwarven steel they craft into armor and weapons, using forges lit by the Themberchaud the Wyrmsmith.

Ruled by Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V, the city is unsafe for outsiders not only because they are restricted to the Darklake District, but because outsiders have no rights. The duergar are allowed to kill any non-duergar on sight if they have committed a crime, and with a population that can turn invisible at will, one never know who is watching, and may never know what rules they are breaking.

Below the surface of the city are the West and East Cleft Districts where a significant population of derro reside. These insane mutant dwarves tend to attack the city on a whim, but never make it far past the city guards. They are ruled by the Council of Savants: three dozen of their number blessed with sorcery, and have governing rights within Gracklstugh’s complex hierarchy. Secretly, these savants indulge themselves in the trappings of their station.

Recent Events

Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V, while mind controlled by Shal, a succubus working for Graz’zt, declared war on the derro. This put a damper on the Demogorgon cultists in the Council of Savants, and while nearly every savant perished, the derro are all but gone.

It was Wolfe, Nashua, Kaz, and Nitsuj who stood in the way of not only Demogorgon, but Graz’zt’s plans as well. They freed the Deepking of his madness and were adopted as powerless lairds within Clan Steelshadow for their service to Gracklstugh. They were also given the Halls of Sacred Scrolls… the headquarters of the derro savants, since they would no longer need it.


Cairngorm Cavern

Darklake District

Halls of Sacred Scrolls

Hold of the Deepking

West Cleft District

Whorlstone Tunnels

Noteworthy Characters


Deepking Gartokkar Ylsa Werz Hemeth Themberchaud

Clan Cairngorm

Hgraam Dorhun Rihuud


Droki Buppido Narak Y Aliinka Zubriska


1490 DR

17th of Hammer

Arrival in Gracklstugh.

23rd of Hammer

Deepking Horgar Steelshadow V orders the annihilation of every derro in the East Cleft and West Cleft districts of Gracklstugh.

25th of Hammer

The party reveals Shal, the Deepking of Gracklstugh‘s consort, is a fiendish agent of Graz’zt, and saves him from his madness. The Deepking, and Clan Cairngorm, is indebted to the party. The party sides with Hgraam, agreeing to help the stone giants reach the top of the Ordening, and to place Hgraam at the top of the stone giants.

Gracklstugh - City of Blades

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