Tag: stone giant


  • Stonespeaker Hgraam

    Hgraam gifted the stonespeaker crystal to Nashua, and warned the group of things to come with a prophecy from Stonebones. He advised the party that the Wyrmwrithings, north of Blingdenstone, may contain a path to the dreamworld. (surface world) The …

  • Dorhun

    A statue with Dorhun's name was being used to curse the stone giant. The group stopped this evil from happening.

  • Rihuud

    Rihuud was knocked out cold by the stoneguard and the group. This gained the group audience with [[:hgraam | Stonekeeper Hgraam]]. Having found the voodoo statue that cursed him, [[:nashua | Nashua]] and [[:wolfe | Wolfe]] cured Rihuud when they handed …