Tag: dwarf


  • Eldeth Feldrun

    Eldeth was exploring the Underdark with [[:nitsuj | Nitsuj]] and [[:nashua | Nashua]] when they were ambushed by drow, captured, and taken to [[Velkynvelve | Velkynvelve]]. h3. *Fate* After a failed escape attempt, Eldeth was executed by [[:ilvara | …

  • Torgga Fireforge

    During the Sordid Soiree, Torgga ran out of the smoke unleashed by [[:y_the_derro | Y]] only to have her head blown apart by an assault of magic missiles. Out of the 34 attending savants, nobody knows who fired the shot.

  • Amber Ungart

    Amber fled Gracklstugh with the party. She was there in Neverlight Grove, and nearly killed by by a shambling mound. Amber was poisoned by a drow crossbow as they fled through South Krypt, but was saved by [[:rihuud | Rihuud]] and [[:kazramir | Kaz]]. …