Derro savant


Member of the Council of Savants, and twin sister of Aliinka.


Upon discovery that Narrak was murdered by the party, Zubriska and her sister hired Droki to fetch the ritual book, and Nitsuj’s hair dolls. Using this, they began cursing everyone associated with the party. They gave Nitsuj a second head, as did they to Hemeth, and were working on Derendil when they were attacked by the party. After a quick ambush, her sister was killed seconds before she was. After an assault from she and her sister, where they took out Siva with lightning bolts and failed to fell Wolfe, the savage warrior stabbed Aliinka in the chest and slapped Zubriska in the head with the flat of his blade, knocking her eye out of the socket, then cleaving her in twain.


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