Zarathur the Early Scribe

Zarathur writes of history still unknown


Believed to be a reincarnations of Alaundo, Zarathur lives in Candlekeep under guard. He foresees events yet to happen in Faerun, be they large or small, and writes of them. The monks use his visions, and his “early editions” to ascertain the correctness of texts they receive. It is also Zarathur who divines the authenticity of works received.

Zarathur received a letter years ago from Berra Goldvayne, and took interest. Her request to train her son was foreseen by him years earlier, and he accepted it, despite the consequences he realized such action would bring. When Nashua dreamed of losing his inheritance, and the death of his parents, it was Zarathur that confirmed for him it was true, and that he knew of their deaths for many years before ever receiving Berra Goldvayne’s letter.

This upset Nashua and he left Candlekeep. Given recent events, and how many times he has had to make the choice whether to share a divination with others traveling with him, Nashua does not hold a grudge against his mentor any longer.

Zarathur the Early Scribe

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