Kuo-toa archpriest & defender of the Underdark


Sloopidoop is a member of the Society of Brilliance. He’s friendly, brilliant, and a self declared defender of the Underdark. Now that his home, however, has been destroyed by Demogorgon he’s finding it difficult to find his backbone.


When he returned to his home, Sloop discovered that Demogorgon had destroyed it. Very few kuo-toa have survived. Panicked, he teleported to Gracklstugh to speak with Y. This got Sloop involved in helping the group infiltrate the Halls of Sacred Scrolls to determine who the Demogorgon cultists are and stop them.

During the planning of the Sordid Soiree, Sloop lost patches from his Robe of Useful Items when Y tore them off and gave them to the party.


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