Apprentice to Hgraam


Rihuud was praying to the stone when he sprouted a second head. It horrified him so much he ran out into Gracklstugh in a panick, to be taken down and spared by the city guard and the party.


Rihuud was knocked out cold by the stoneguard and the group. This gained the group audience with Stonekeeper Hgraam.

Having found the voodoo statue that cursed him, Nashua and Wolfe cured Rihuud when they handed the corrupted statue to the Stonespeaker. For this they were rewarded.

When the party declared that they would help ascend stone giants to the top of the Ordening, Hgraam gave them his apprentice, Rihuud, to guide them to the surface. Together they can help create a foothold in the dream world.

Rihuud bought the party time to escape the Underdark by charging into the pursuing drow. Shoor cut off his hand during their conflict, but Nashua was able to open the teleportation circle, and Rihuud slew Elistra among the drow he smashed.

One-handed, but going strong, Rihuud chose to stay in the Sword Mountains. He doesn’t feel comfortable around dreamfolk, and believes that the Dream World would prove too dangerous for him traveling with the group. He is looking for a cavern to carve into beauty for his god.


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