Archpriest of Blibdoolpoolp the Sea Mother


Also goes by "Ploop"

A venerable and charismatic (for a fish) leader, Ploop worships Blibdoolpoolp and is the religious leader of Sloopbludop.


The Sea Mother gave Ploop visions that a group of surface dwellers would help to eliminate the followers of the Deep Father, including the his estranged daughter.

Ploop saw the surface dwellers get ambushed by his daughter’s followers. He swooped in and saved them, and gave them a proposition. Pose as sacrifices to the Deep Father, help him kill his daughter, and they will be rewarded handsomely.

During the coup, as his daughter prepared to sacrifice the surface dwellers in the Deep Father’s dark ritual, Ploop swooped in with them. He bludgeoned his daughter to death with his enchanted scepter. That was when Demogorgon rose out of the depths of the Darklake, smashed the idol of him, and Ploop along with it.


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