Underdark bounty hunter


Experience: 2210 / 2700

Deity of Worship: Silvanus

Height: 5’7"
Weight: 176 lbs.


"I make hair dolls from the hair of all of my friends, and I am violently protective of these dolls."

"I find it hard to care about anything that goes on around me."


Growing up in the Underdark is no small feat, but Nitsuj accomplished just that. The last survivor of a tribe that was captured and enslaved by the drow, he learned to live on his own surviving off of fungus and eating his kills. Though a loner at heart, he doesn’t want his clan to have been slaughtered for nothing. For this reason he took up jobs from Gauntlgrym, accepting pay for eliminating dangers such as the oozes plaguing the many ruins and caverns within the Underdark.

Originally part of the nomadic Uthgardt clan, Nitsuj’s family and few dozen other families split to create Clan Griffinstrike. After centuries of roaming the overworld, the members of Griffinstirke had had enough of the dealings and problems of others as well as the lack of nomadic land due to goblin urban sprawl.

They decided to roam the Underdark in search of a land to call their own.

Two weeks into their descent into the Underdark, Clan Griffinstrike was attacked by the Drow and enslaved. Over the next 3 years, Nitsuj’s clan succumbed to the harsh conditions of Drow slave drivers. Nitsuj was the last one left.

After carefully watching is captors for several days while on a deep mining expedition, Nitsuj saw his chance to escape.

Instead of going back to the overworld, Nitsuj stayed in the Underdark and became a master of its ways.

Out of the Abyss

Nitsuj departed the group and banished himself deeper into the Underdark when he realized Demogorgon’s pull on his soul would not be broken. He has regrown his second head, and ran off, permanently a creature of the Underdark.


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