Moira Helder

Young girl looking for her sister


Moira is a sixteen year old scarred girl looking for her sister. Originally from Waterdeep, she shares an accent with Nashua. Before becoming a slave, she hired Siva Redmoon to help her.


Medium humanoid (human)

Armor Class: 10
Hit Points: 4
Speed: 30 feet

0 0 0 0 0 0

Senses: passive Perception 10
Languages: Common

No Depth Perception. Moira has disadvantage on ranged attacks greater than 30 feet.



Moira comes from a poor cobbler family from Waterdeep. Her sister, Evangeline, was married off to a duke from the north who took a fancy to her. It has been a year since any word was heard from Evangeline, and though only a girl of sixteen, Moira was determined to find her.

She traveled to the north, to Port Llast, with several others who knew her family and had concern. They journeyed into the mountains to the town of Frozen Hold, and confronted Duke Aral Barlow only to discover that he had inflicted upon her sister a curse worse than any death a more sane man would have done. Moira struck him, and he slashed her face with his sword.

The others didn’t pursue far, not wanting to let Moira die from her grave injury. Now she has a scar down her face and is blind in one eye. When her friends chased the duke and disappeared into the mountains, those tending to her warned her of the duke’s vengeance, and that she should run.

Run she did, and run she did seeking out someone to avenge her sister and possibly free her even if it meant by death. She found Siva, a woman from a barbarian tribe who was feared for the vengeance she wreaked upon those who slew her own sister. Moira pleaded with her, saving her from lack of purpose, to return to Port Llast.

It was within a few days camping along the Long Road when duergar ambushed them. They were shackled and dragged into the Underdark, and enslaved.


As a perverted derro savant tried to take advantage of her during the Sordid Sorrie, the party intervened and saved her before her protector, Siva, made a scene that could have cost them their lives. Both Siva and Moira are thankful.

When the drow kidnapped Moira and the party slew them, Nashua gifted Moira his piwafwi.

Moira took cover during the audience with the Deepking, where Siva and the group defeated Shal.

Moira had many life and death experiences within the Underdark. Thanks to Nashua’s tutelage in the arts of magic, and his gift of his piwafwi, she has survived to avenge her sister. Siva was always there for her, and now that they are on the surface again she has renewed faith that she can end her sister’s suffering.

Moira Helder

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