Demon lord of ooze


Juiblex is one of the lesser demon lords. Most other demon lords do not take him seriously. He himself hates almost everything else, preferring the company of his shapeless minions: slimes, oozes, jellies and puddings. He has no plans or schemes: he simply wants to continue existing and destroying. He shares the layer of Shedaklah with the Lady of Fungi Zuggtmoy: the demoness rules the surface, whereas Juiblex’s territory is entirely below ground.

Juiblex does not have a set physical form; those who have seen him claim he is a slime-like creature with glaring red eyes dotted all over his body. Juiblex supposedly can swallow creatures alive, spits acidic secretions and causes diseases in his victims which can be almost instantly fatal.

Jubilex is also referred to as “The Faceless Lord.”


When escaping Velkynvelve, the group was attacked by a gray ooze that telepathically screamed out “FLESH FOR THE FACELESS LORD!” It was Nashua who was unnerved by this development, realizing the Faceless Lord is Jubilex.


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