Stonespeaker Hgraam

Priest of Skoraeus Stonebones


Hgraam is the leader of Clan Cairgorm, a priest of Skoraeus Stonebones, the stone giants within Gracklstugh. He is wise and knowledgeable. He has sensed that some great evil has broken into the Underdark, but isn’t aware of the threat’s extent.


Hgraam gifted the stonespeaker crystal to Nashua, and warned the group of things to come with a prophecy from Stonebones. He advised the party that the Wyrmwrithings, north of Blingdenstone, may contain a path to the dreamworld. (surface world)

The Stonespeaker was pleased when Wolfe and Nashua not only brought him the means and cause of his clan’s curse, forever stopping them from growing seconds heads, but the man behind it. Clan Cairngorm has no allegiance to Gracklstugh outside of their legacy of allegiance with Clan Steelshadow. Thus, killing a meager derro savant for cursing his people was not beneath him. As a reward, Hgraam gave them 500 gold, cured Wolfe’s madness, and he told them that in the Wyrmwrithings, they should look for the garden. It is there that they will find a gateway to the dreamworld.

Hgraam was ordered by the Deepking to surround the Halls of Sacred Scrolls, and annihilate any escaping derro for the safety of Gracklstugh, while the military laid siege to the East and West Cleft districts. This seemed unlike the Deepking, but Hgraam had a duty to follow what the Deepking said. However, all of this made sense when Nashua expressed that the Deepking might be getting influenced by a demonic servant of Graz’zt. As much as he wanted to confirm such a suspicion, he could not grant them an audience with the Deepking, nor get one himself, while a war was being fought within the city. He told them that if Graz’zt was pulling the Deepking’s strings, then maybe they could stop the war by by bringing the heads of the Demgorgon cultists. And if he was being mind controlled? Hgraam would lead an assault against the Deepking in an attempt to free him of his madness.

Hgraam gave the group a magical iron flask that would suck all fiends into it if Shal was indeed a fiend. During their audience with the Deepking, they did just that, gaining favor with Clan Steelshadow.

Hgraam convinced the Deepking that he had a better use for the surfacers than attacking the drow. He proposed to the party that they help his people, and himself, get to the top of the Ordening, since now it is in flux. The group agreed, and Hgraam gave them Rihuud as a guide to the surface, and magical runes as gifts.

Stonespeaker Hgraam

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