Arms dealer from Gracklstugh


Hemeth is an arms dealer from Gracklstugh. He knows his way around the Darklake, and he was hoping for profit when he sold weapons to the kuo-toa. He wasn’t happy when followers of the Deep Father thought it more prudent to sacrifice him to their dark god.


Hemeth escaped the destruction of Sloobludop with the group, promising to lead them to Gracklstugh. Nobody enjoys his company, especially his racial epithets about Buppido and the derro. But now, after Buppido’s betrayal, he may have been justified.

In Sloobludop Hemeth had lost all of his wares and gained no profit. This would not please his boss, so the group gave him 300 gp so he could keep his hide. Hemeth, feeling like he owed them, introduced them to his boss Ylsa. If anyone knew how to get to the surface, she would know, because she is a head of the Merchant Council.

After fulfilling his promise to the group, Hemeth left the party.

Nitsuj had created a hair doll of Hemeth while on the boat with him. When Droki stole his hair dolls, Hemeth was cursed with two heads by the Demogorgon cultists. Nobody realized this, or nobody cared.


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