Head priest of the Keepers of the Flame


Gartokkar is the eldest priest, and leader of the Keepers of the Flame. A religious sect devoted to keeping the forges alive, and protecting the Deepking from the many schemes of the Council of Savants.


He was somewhat taken back when Themberchaud insisted that he bring a handful of mysterious surface dwellers to him. Gartokkar did so, but remains curious why the dragon has an interest in the group.

As Gartokkar believed the group that Themberchaud was simply amusing himself at their expense, Gartokkar told the group that they have a replacement for the greedy red dragon. However, this dragon egg was stolen by the Gray Ghosts and he will only let them leave the city if they find it for him and stop these horrible thieves from destroying the Underdark’s weave. When offered other possibilities he refused them, saying it is definitely an evil brought on by the Gray Ghosts.


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