Elistra Mizzrym

Asha's replacement, and Ilvara's younger sister


Shortly after finding evidence of Asha’s death at the hands of the group, Ilvara sent a message to Elistra, her younger sister, who was overseeing trade in Mantol Derith. Elistra responded to her summons and now helps to track down the elusive slaves who have evaded capture for the last month.

Elistra is the youngest of her three sisters, the first of which was slain by a rival house, Faen Tabblar. After he sister’s death, she was given this remembrance of her during a dark ritual when their mother asked Lolth to award her revenge for her eldest daughter’s death.

First Sister’s Hand
This mummified hand belonged to the most promising priestess of Lolth within the House of Mizzrym. Rachilka was the eldest sister to Elistra and Ilvara, and upon her assassination at the hands of a rival house, Lolth granted her dying wish, and trapped her soul within her house ring, and her hand gifted to her youngest sister to exact revenge.

This mummified hand can wear four rings, each of which affects the wearer of First Sister’s Hand. After attunement, separation from the hand will curse the one, or those, attuned. They will suffer the same effects as being poisoned until reunited.

Ring of Evasion (3 charges)
Succeed on a failed Dexterity check.

Ring Protection +1
+1 AC and saving throws

Ring of Mind Shielding (invisible, impossible to remove)
Houses Rachilka’s soul (first sister) and she telepathically speaks to the wearer. She will not allow her soul to be delivered unto Lolth until she has Elistra slay her killer.


Elistra was short-lived, as she pursued the party with her sister’s entourage through Southkrypt only to be bludgeoned into a messy puddle by Rihuud. Not that it will bring her back, but Shoor cut off the stone giant’s hand for this.

Elistra Mizzrym

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